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Who is Healing Hands International

Healing Hands International is an internationally renowned academy, specializing in a vast range of complementary therapy courses. Our intense training is designed to transform students into experts. We are devoted to providing personal growth with integrity and a commitment to excellence. It is our privilege to present programs on an international standard, where every member of our team shares a common commitment to provide outstanding education. The pressure is on us to provide the community with top-notch therapists with solid reputations, quality education and firm understanding of the therapist/client relationship. We at the academy gladly rise to that challenge!


At the academy we encourage personal growth, balance and sensitivity that qualify each student to work successfully as a professional therapist. We provide open learning programs that ensure the flexibility and professionalism required for you to achieve your dreams. We have a continuous, qualified staff of lecturers whose intelligence, enthusiasm, and creativity inspire an open and free atmosphere for learning.

How are programs delivered?
Healing Hands International uses an open learning model. In terms of this model each learning program can be completed at your own pace within a 2 year bracket. Should the program contain practical contact hours, these should be completed at the college on the dates as prescribed by the college. These sessions are presented concurrently on scheduled dates for a predetermined number of sessions. There are various starting dates for these sessions and a student can opt to start these sessions whenever they are ready within the 2 year period. Schedules for the different starting dates and times for the different programs are available from the college and will be included in your learner pack. If contact hours are required for a specific program, you will need to attend these classes consecutively for at least one run, but these can be repeated as many times as you feel necessary within the 2 years at no extra charge.


Types of programs offered:

Provider Program
These are Healing Hands International programs that enhance your skills and improve your career opportunities. Provider Programs are not linked to the NQF, but they are in high demand and carry the approval of the Healing Hands International Board.

SETA Program
These are programs accredited by a Quality Assurance Body, such as a SETA or ETQA.

Motto, Vision and Mission

“True wisdom begins within; true knowledge makes us whole…”

Our Vision
OUR VISION is to lead and educate students to be qualified as Natural Therapists co-creating holism and caring for every living thing. We envisage a System in which Natural Therapists work in a complementary role with Medical and Allied Health Professionals to provide South Africa with a holistic and educational approach to its wellness and well-being which is focused on disease and illness prevention.

The mission of Healing Hands International is:
• to educate individuals to be qualified in Natural Therapies;
• to establish a network of exceptional therapists working together in a supportive role;
• to develop ongoing training whereby our students can continually better themselves;
• to develop research-based teaching and learning in Natural Therapies;
• to support our students in an ongoing manner with regards to their future;
• to provide educational systems that foster excellence in academic standards in accordance with SAQA standards, international best practices, and a values oriented approach to education;
• to graduate individuals with a high level of professionalism that allows them to work in Natural Therapies as sole practitioners, educators, partners in holistic medicine, and the natural health products sectors;
• to establish links with leading Natural Therapies educational institutes world-wide;


Healing Hands International has 7 branches in South Africa and 1 in Mauritius.
  Specialized Courses
HHI (Complementary Therapy)
HHI (Heath Spa)
HHI (Naturology)
HHI (Massage)
  Short Courses
Holistic Massage Course
Indian Head Massage
Hot Stone Therapy

Advanced Sports Massage
Lomi Lomi Massage
Anatomy & Physiology
Sports Nutrition
And much more....

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